Hello, Women of Wild, Beautiful and Free Dreams! The Journey Begins…

What happens when you are faced with a global crisis, body pain, and a website crash?

You get to work!  You pull up your big-girl pants, put on those ass-kicking boots, and get to work!

Welcome to my new website under construction.  Bear with me as I work within my own alignment to create, organize, and construct!  I feel like I’m in the eye of the storm, seeing the chaos around me, while feeling very grounded and ready to change the old to the new.

Join me on this journey with your own challenges.  Find something that is really kicking your butt and put on those boots.  I’m with you on your journey, too!  Let’s raise our hands, hearts, and voices to elevate this world to “better than this!”
I feel a boot-slappin’ song coming on, don’t you?

Keep in touch. See you on the other side of a great website!



Kat Kohler Schwartz, Founder

Taproots for Life, LLC

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