Workshop- Webinar – July 7, 2020

The Pursuit of Happiness and Health Class

Learn the history behind the pursuit of happiness, how we perceive happiness, and methods to apply happiness to our daily lives toward better health.


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Workshop-Teleconference -August 7, 2020-August 11, 2020 (no class Aug. 10)

The Power of Three:  

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Learn how the power of asking with one key word three times can open doors to gaining more information from a conversation than you knew was possible. And, the power of three is so much more!!

Starts August 7 at 7Pm CST

Introduction (August 7 at 7p CST)

Class One- The WOW (August 8 at 10am CST)

Learn how one magical word can change the power of your conversations forever!  This class will provide you with information that will improve relationships, how you sell, market, network, coach, etc.

Class Two- The State of Being (August 9, 7pm CST)

The State of Being class teaches us how choices impact how it is possible to shift our entire outlook on how we see the world.  Good for improving self-esteem, relationships. Also, a good tool for coaches.

Class Three- The Power of Three Mentors (August 11, 7pm CST)

One of my favorites! The Power of Three Mentors teaches us to use our superheroes to be our guides to help us see what we want, ask for it, and gather the information we need to go after it. This is a very powerful conversation that is fun to have with friends, co-workers, and business partners.  This conversation gets to the “why” of what you do to get what you want.  Curious?

Come Join Us!

With each class, you will receive

  1. Instruction

  2. Recording of the class

  3. Scripts to follow for your conversation practice

  4. One Coaching Conversation with Kat

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