What happens when you are faced with a global crisis, plans on hold, and a crashed website?  You start over and get it done!

I am the master of starting over so this is another day when more life surprises show up for me to be more than I am.  This major change in the world challenges all of us to be more.  More mindful, more tolerant, more confident.  Many of us are not equipped that way, however.  Well, I am here to show you that all in your world is not lost.

Women are the queens of manifestation!  We nurture our companions, our spouses, we clean, we cook, we are taxi services, we dry tears, we give monster kisses, we cry, we love, we care.  Need I say more?…oh yes and there is more.  Much, much more than this.  Women move through their own essence to be all of these things.  But sometimes, our essence gets…well.. a little dusty.

Our essence yearns for more than the surface day-to-day living.  We have dreams, we have hopes, and they are wild within waiting to get out.  We might have always wanted to play an instrument, or go hiking up a mountainside, or write a novel.  So, what holds us back?  We certainly have the fortitude to do all these other things on a daily basis, right?  So, what is it really?

Enter…the mentor… me…the coach, the cheering section – on your side.  Sisters, we can navigate through these changes with natural ease.  But, it takes some work.  If you are ready, I am here with open arms and open heart to receive whatever it is you cast upon me.  I can take it.  I have done the work for myself (and still do!) and want to share it with you because I know it works.

The methods used are based on neurolinguistics and emotional training.  Combined they encompass spectrums of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavior training, and strategic conversations.  Through these practices, we are able to partner, dig deep into our taproots of wisdom, and access information you never knew you had.  And! Once we find the information we are going to nurture it and see how it best serves Y-O-U!

So, that is what I do in a nutshell.  All my services are conference calls, recorded for you to hear again to gather more information, and I am looking at planning some women’s events, this year – that is, once this… you know… “global thing” passes.

Life is full of surprises!


Join me for a complimentary class on Thursday, May 14 at  5pm PT | 7pm CT | 8pm ET

Curious?  Register by completing the form below.  It will change your life!


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