Our Message

Awaken the voice within to cultivate your roots and live life wildly, beautifully and freely!    

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Our Vision

Women are the nurturers who will leave the footprint of mindful expression, kind words,, and the freedom to cultivate these roots for generations to come. 

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Our Mission

At Taproots for Life, we support women in becoming independent thinkers to explore, discover and redefine their expression of living by engaging in meaningful and life-changing conversations.

“It is my personal joy to guide and support women to reclaim a voice that is yearning to be wild, beautiful, and free.  It is from this place of heart that we leave our footprint for the future.”

-Kat Kohler Schwartz

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I write what inspires me in hopes that it will do the same for you.  I have traveled a long journey so far, and hope to be able to share from my taproot of wisdom.

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