Our Vision

When women see the powerful core essence within themselves, their eyes open wide with joy and a curiosity for a new future.

Our client observations:

They don’t settle. Women who have been with a mentor for a period of time. They know what they want. They tell us, “I am more than this. I want more.”

Words are powerful.  We become the words we plant in our minds.

We are here to help you cultivate a new language for your future!

We Mentor Effectively

At Taproots for Life, we weave many spectrums of coaching, mentoring, and psychology into strategic conversations that support you throughout your journey toward manifesting those wild and beautiful dreams you’ve waited for all your life.

Power of the Heart

Our practices are heart-centered and based on addressing emotions as our strengths

The Alchemy of Mind

The mind is a complicated web of rooted beliefs and labels of our experiences. Our conversations use science-based methods and the art of mentoring to guide you to the information you need to cultivate your wildest dreams.


Consciousness mentoring is the presence we promise when having meaningful conversations with you. 

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients say…

“Throughout my coaching sessions with Kat, I had to attend to, and state out loud, my values, goals and priorities. I became acutely aware of what matters to me, versus how society, friends and family think I should lead my life. I now have the courage and conviction to make choices according to my priorities and passions, and to believe that in doing so I will be content.”


Business Owner, Exercise Wise, LLC

“I have had weekly coaching with Kat, it has been an amazing experience. She totally gets my situation and has helped me tremendously in giving me confidence with my small business. I highly recommend her services in the fact that she takes the time to get to know you helps you work through the issues. “

Lynette Mangels

Founder, Serenity Scents AromaSynergy

“From the moment Kat walks into the room, she’s fully present with you, creating an immediate atmosphere of safe, open, supportive space for deep exploration and self-discovery. Her questioning process illuminates insights and connections which normally would be lost without her compassionate listening ear and caring heart. We loved working with Kat and highly recommend her services for anyone willing and ready to find those internal blocks that may be keeping them from living their dream!”

Amy C.